At the leading edge of global challenges

People at the centre of every strategy

Unblocking strategic avenues for change

We are a dynamic group that offers strategic solutions for a resilient future for cities, people and organisations.


Cities are at the leading edge of each and every global challenge: highly complex, connected, and difficult systems to understand and manage. Getting it right now really does matter. We can help set the right vision and strategy to deliver a resilient future for your city: unpicking complexity, framing uncertainty, and helping to build resilience into city systems, services, decision-making and infrastructure.


Change is the only constant in life but most of us don’t like it. Understanding how to make change means knowing how we work – what makes us tick and what influences our choices. At Tynos, we put people at the centre of every strategy, and strategies for people at the core of how we operate. To change it, you’ve got to own it!


Good governance and allowing creativity to shine can unblock many strategic avenues for change. Whether your organisation is an engine of innovation, a service provider or a producer, we can help you align your internal structures, processes and ways of working to your purpose.

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Tynos Consulting and The Lunar Works join forces

We are excited to announce that leading communications and sustainability consultancies, The Lunar Works and Tynos Consulting, are joining forces to bring a new combined set of services to the market. The new services offer brings together expertise in city-region...

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🇺🇸 EPA finalized Clean Water Act permit for new &existing offshore oil &gas platforms in federal waters off Texas, Louisiana &Mississippi. Permit allows oil co’s to dump unlimited amounts of waste fluid, including fracking chemicals,into Gulf of Mexico

Making a flat white is harder to do. Plus good taste costs more obvs!

In his 90s, David Attenborough is doing more for sustainability than the rest of us. We shouldn’t assume the generation of tech savvy “millennials” will clear up the mess we made. They are not “Homo Superior”. We all have a contribution

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